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Relationships are….


Illustrated by Alisha Patel

Relationships can be wonderful, but it is never healthy to ask the other to be the one to make YOU happy.  At the beginning of a romantic relationship, it’s exciting, it’s romantic and much more. We make the effort and as time goes by this effort may dwindle and it may even disappear.

With other relationships, when we are loving we feel great but when we feel our buttons are being pushed we are not and it takes a lot of energy, negative energy and you don’t feel great.  This does not mean we have to accept the other person’s behaviour but when we react from love, it’s a very different energy.

Think about an orange, if you squeeze it, orange juice will come out, not rocket science. Now if we squeeze you, what would come out? Anger, annoyance, frustration, love, peace, joy, gratitude? The love we feel for the other is the love that has come from inside us.  Can you feel this love all the time, when the other is pushing your buttons?  Are we reacting from love or our ego?

The key is to start observing what is going on inside. Question: “Am I being loving or am being unkind?”

A lot of the time when there are things going wrong in a relationship, we are wanting to be right, making the other person wrong and when that happens, we disapprove of the other person, we want to control them and even hurt them and when that happens we are no longer loving.

The love and happiness we wish to feel in relationships start within ourselves.  That is a decision.  Let go of all our stories of our past when someone may have wronged us, about being right and making the other person wrong.  Let go of all the stories. Again this is a decision.  You will find happiness in yourself and from this place miracles can happen.

Love never fails,

Never fades out,

Never comes to an end,

It all starts with you.

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