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Role Models


Illustration by Lina Patel

“We become who we are surrounded by. ” 

Lina Patel

Sometimes we may feel that we don’t have a choice in how our lives have turned out.  If you have read “The Wellness Approach,” you will realise that everything is energy and what we focus upon is the direction where our energy flows.  It all starts with a thought and once we continue thinking these same thoughts it transforms into a belief and then that becomes our internal reality. Therefore it follows that negative thoughts create negativity in our lives and positive thoughts create positivity in our lives.

We know people have created changes in the most adverse situations.  The mother who lifts the car to rescue her child that is trapped under a car or the person who has been diagnosed with terminal illness and has been told that they don’t have long to live, they defy the odds and continue to live a healthy life. That proves that life doesn’t have to be the way it is.  It all depends on the choices you make.  We do what we know.  As soon as we realise that we know what we are doing, we become conscious and wake up, we then become deliberate in the choices we make.  It is entirely up to you if you want to make positive or negative choices.  Part of the key in making choices is to find role models that can help you.

The Wheel of Life

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Above is an example of the wheel of life.  There are many areas of our lives that may be working well and in other areas you many need help. There are many ways that can help you improve your life.  Finding a role model is one way to do it. A role model can be a relative, a friend, a celebrity, a saint and anyone else you may think of.

With the internet being the source of an abundance of information you can easily find people to be your role model. Many have written books, publish videos on You Tube and podcasts.  Find what they are doing and you can incorporate their strategies in your life.

Positive changes are possible if you want them to be.

Find the key to happiness and how to make positive changes in your life in in my book, The Wellness Approach: Lasting Lifestyle Change Made Simple.  If you’re interested you can download the book from Amazon.

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