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Be Clear On Your Complementary Therapy Goals

Think about what you expect to gain from treatment before you start a complementary therapy. See the previous blog on Holistic Living – Complimentary treatments.

How to Find a Complementary Therapist?

Most complementary therapies have a professional association. Contact the appropriate association and ask for a list of members in your neighbourhood. Qualifications – check the therapist’s level of qualification. Find out if they are a member of a professional organisation and if that organisation has a code of ethics. Membership may be voluntary, but it suggests there is a commitment to maintaining appropriate standards of practice.

Questions To Ask About Treatment

During the initial consultation, the therapist will recommend treatment. Questions you may wish to ask could include:

• How does the treatment work?
• Is there any proof that the treatment works?
• Will it interfere with any type of conventional medical treatment, such as prescription medicines?
• What side effects can I expect?
• How long will I need the treatment?
• What are the costs?

It is very important to tell your complementary therapist about your medical history and any conventional medical treatment that you are having, including prescription or over-the-counter medicines. Some herbal medicines or vitamin supplements can interact with prescription medicines and cause unwanted side effects.

A Complementary Therapist Is Not a Doctor

Registered medical doctors (GPs) may train in one or more types of complementary therapy. This is often called ‘integrative’ or ‘integrated’ medicine. However, complementary therapists are not doctors. Hence the term complementary therapy, it is complementary with medical treatments and lifestyle. Many people use complementary (sometimes known as alternative) health treatments to go along with the medical care

You can check with your doctor, look on the internet, yellow pages or ask at your local library.

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