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Having Fun


We have become a serious society and forgotten to have fun.  When we look at children, they can make fun out of anything.  Playing with a cardboard box becomes an adventure. They pretend they are in a spaceship or driving a car on a race track.

There is an abundance of things we can do now.  Going out for a walk, bouncing on a bouncy castle, going to the cinema, jumping in muddy puddles on a rainy day or enjoying a hot chocolate and cake at our local coffee shop.

Why is it important to have fun? We feel happy and when we feel happy, we are in a good mood.  Which is better, feeling good or feeling bad?  It is also taking time out for ourselves. We have forgotten to do that because we make excuses, we don’t have time. WE HAVE TO MAKE TIME. Even if it’s 10 minutes a day. Remember, Life will pass you by and before you know it life as you know is over.

Most people put off having fun in their life. Is that you? It may mean you need to experiment and see what fun means to you. Take some risks and go beyond your comfort zone. Remember a journey starts with a single step.  Take your first step to having fun and discover wonders await you.


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