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Be Yourself!

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What does it mean to be yourself? Do you really know? Do you give yourself permission to be yourself or do you pretend to be something you’re not?

Being yourself all stems from how you feel about yourself. Previous blogs on Be Right or Be Happy? or Emotions, Feelings, Beliefs, and our Thoughts or Moving Forward among other blogs show you how you can be your true self.

Do you allow yourself to be YOU? Are you happy with being you?  This process starts when you begin to unconditionally love yourself.  It’s so important to love yourself. If you don’t even like yourself, how can you like let alone love someone else?

Learn to be loved by you.  Read the previous blogs and see how. Become your true self. See what happens when you do. You will be happy in yourself and you don’t need anyone or anything to make you happy.  This is very powerful.  From this place you can attract things that make you happy. Don’t take my word for it.  Prove it to yourself and see!

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