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Who Are You Being?

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It is said we are not a human doing but a human being.  What does that mean? To me it means who am I being in any moment with whom ever I am with, what ever I am doing, where ever I am.

In relationships,  this is especially important because when things tend to go wrong, we end up blaming and pointing the finger at the other person.  The question to really ask yourself is “who am I being in this relationship?”

It is also important to move forward when someone you care about hurts you, the question to ask yourself is “do you want to hold onto anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge to your loved one — or would it not be better to embrace forgiveness and move forward.?”

Everything is energy…

“Everything Is Energy and That’s All There Is To It. Match the Frequency of the Reality You Want.”

Albert Einstein

Hence, we need to become that we wish to have, not only in our relationships but in our lives. If we would like to love, we need to become loving within. If we would like to be peace, then we need to become peaceful within and so on.

What we focus on that’s where our energy flows.  So why not focus on what we would like on purpose. It does take practice but that’s all it is, Practice! You may not get it right at the beginning but the more you practice the better you will become to creating peaceful and loving relationships and so much more!

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