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Goal Setting: New Year, New You!


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Illustrated by Lina Patel

How was last year for you?  Did you achieve all your goals? Did you set goals last year?

Why set goals?  It’s a way of allowing yourself to create whatever you would like for yourself and allowing yourself to have it. You can prove to yourself that you truly are the creator of your life.

How to Start?

You need to ask yourself the right questions.

Where do you want to be?

What do you want to create?

Who do you want to become?

You can start with something small.  I started with creating parking spaces where ever I traveled. Then, I thought “if I can create parking spaces, what else can I create?”

Impossible becomes I’m Possible

So, how can  you be smart when setting your goal?

Ask the right questions………

Where are you now?

Set an intention of what you would like.


Every time you have a…

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