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Love your life, Create your life on purpose

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Don’t let your past determine your future. The only way forward is to remember that your life is now, whether you are thinking of the past or thinking of the future.  It is from this point you are creating your life.  If you want to move forward, the only way to do that is to create from this point.  So if you keep thinking about your past, that’s exactly what you will create more of that.  Now is the moment to make your decision.  What would you like?

You can get to where you would like to go from where ever you are. It’s about enjoying the journey not the destination.

So what is it that you want to create?

To be Happy…Focus on what makes you Happy.

To be Beautiful….Look in the mirror and Love yourself.

To be Confident…. Look at someone who is Confident and mirror their attributes.

To be wealthy…. What would it be like to be wealthy, to be prosperous, abundant?

If you’re afraid and anxious CREATE Trust.

If you feel lack, CREATE Attitude of Gratitude.

If you feel hate,  CREATE Love. and start Loving what you do!

The most important thing is to REMEMBER, your life is now and the past is the PAST, that’s where it should stay and the future has not even happened. So what are you going to decide?

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