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Road to Wellness, Healing Our Soul

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There may be times in our lives where we or our loved ones may face health challenges. I know when my dad had cancer, my blog would have helped me and my loved ones. Road to Wellness will be a series of blogs of people who have found wellness and strategies that we can use in our everyday lives to maintain that state of wellness.

I will be writing about people that have inspired me and I hope will inspire you.

There are many people that have written about their experiences and recovery.  Anita Moorjani being one of them.  She was diagnosed with terminal cancer, fell into a coma after her 4-year struggle with cancer and she entered into a near-death experience (NDE). When she regained consciousness, her body miraculously healed and she was free of disease within weeks. So what did she do? She discovered Love is the answer and it’s so important to Love ourselves. You can find out more about Anita Moorjani and her Road to Wellness at http://anitamoorjani.com/.

Brandon Bays, also self healed from a tumour, it was the size of a football in her uterus.  You can read about her story in her book The Journey.  Her process really helped me after I lost my dad through cancer.  It wasn’t easy but after constantly doing the process I felt so light and free.  It opened to so many other possibilities because I was no longer living in the past.  It was actually my first step to realising that all healing has to happen on the inside before the outside can change. I became quiet inside and it was like I experienced life for the first time.

When I read about these women, their stories helped me to relate to my life and it inspired me to wellness. It opened up possibilities to meeting other people who also  inspired me and create my road to wellness so I could inspire others.

Thank you for tuning in.  Don’t forget to post a comment if you enjoyed reading this and feel free to share this with one person who may benefit from it.

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2 thoughts on “Road to Wellness, Healing Our Soul

  1. It takes many years to be game to look within and face those childhood fears that we have brought on into adulthood. But when we do, we find the love that has always been missing…ours, and the healing begins <3 😀

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