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Road to Wellness, Healing the Physical

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There may be times in our lives where we or our loved ones may face health challenges. I know when my dad had cancer, my blog would have helped me and my loved ones. Road to Wellness will be a series of blogs of people that have found wellness and strategies that we can use in our everyday lives.

I will be writing about people that have inspired me and I hope will inspire you.

John Nelson

John is one of my yoga teachers and I found him inspiring when I heard his story and how yoga has helped him on his road to wellness. He was born in 1964 and his parents lived in a small Yupik Eskimo village in Alaska. Small Alaska towns are hard-living communities not only from the effects of extreme cold and isolation. He spent much of his time during the 80’s consuming large quantities of drugs and alcohol but in 1993, with age thirty coming fast he decided it was time to clean up his act. He quit drinking. He had arthritis pain since he was in my early twenties but let it go undiagnosed for many years correctly assuming it was a normal side effect of having lived a rough life. On any given day a typical list of ailments might include back, knee, hand, feet and shoulder pain, sore tendons, ligaments and muscles (and in his early years, hangovers). He was raised to work hard and not complain though and that’s what he did. He’d go about business as usual, showing up for work every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow, no matter what. He finally made an appointment to see a surgeon specialising in arthritis. After a lengthy examination he discovered that he had osteoarthritis throughout his body with the cartilage remaining in his joints distributed in uneven patches over the surfaces. The surgeon recommended removal of bone spurs from his feet, shoulders, knees and hands and said he had a fluid (Synvec) he could shoot into his knees every three to six months to help keep them lubricated until he felt he was ready for replacement surgery. He also informed John that at some point the chafing of his right hip would probably need to be addressed surgically and he would very likely need the bones in both big toes fused to keep them from bending. John’s sister anticipated that his test results might not be good and while looking through the yellow pages for something that might help had come upon an advertisement for a Bikram yoga studio. Thinking that the heat of the room combined with stretching and compression might provide him some relief she convinced him to give it a try. After only four days, pain in his knees that had been with him for twenty years had started to show signs fading. Within two months the backache had gone and his feet stopped hurting, he could even take the top off a jar without wrecking his hands and his overall discomfort level had dropped by an incredible seventy-five percent. One morning while taking the trash out to the dumpster he stopped in his tracks realising that he’d just walked straight down the stairs like a normal person without feeling any pain in his knees or any sideways gait. After two years, all of his previous symptoms had either completely subsided or become so manageable  that he could go about his daily life in a completely normal manner.

pic of irma and johnHere’s picture of John with his wife, Irma who is also a wonderful fitness instructor and yoga teacher.

Rex Sumner

Rex is a friend of mine who healed skin cancer through the use of essential oils. He spent decades in the tropics of Australia and Indonesia in his initial working years, frequently experiencing sun burns and only using minimal protection beyond acquiring a tan. Having expected it for decades, he found himself unprepared for the shock and concern from others. Ailments have always been something he expected his body to sort out, with a little help.  Cancer was just another boring issue. He had local anaesthetic to remove the mole which was very painful. On attending a three month post-op check up, the same surgeon  inspected a strange little mole, like a volcano, under his eye. It was a “Rodent ulcer, standard carcinoma”. This time he would have to wait six months to have it removed. At the same time the doctor diagnosed hypertension, telling him he would be on pills for the rest of his life. He experimented with baking soda and coconut oil, not buying remedies but creating his own.  He changed his diet and started doing more exercise. Sunshine proved vital for reducing hypertension, (since this allows the skin to manufacture its own vitamin D) yet on the flipside it is lethal for causing skin cancer.  He decided he wouldn’t live another thirty years for the skin cancer to come through, and the vitamin D was more important, so the sun won.  While he became much fitter and lost weight, he didn’t feel the soda and oil concoction benefited him.  Neither did acupuncture whilst homoeopathy seemed more interested in other areas of my body, specifically wanting him to give up alcohol. About this time, he found more and more evidence that essential oils might be beneficial. Over the coming months, he persisted with applying the oils, feeling a lump under the skin the size of a small pea. Then one day shortly after the change in application method, disaster struck….. the cancer quadrupled in size overnight. Resisting the urge to smash the oil bottles against the wall, he examined his eye with meticulous care, feeling the weeping sore through a film of Frankincense oil.  He realised that what appeared to be enlargement was actually the cancer erupting through the skin, like an iceberg floating to the surface.  He therefore decided to keep applying the oils, and within a week the tumour turned black and fell off, leaving him with a swollen, scabbed wound which appeared much the same as when it started.  Except this time there was no pea underneath it.

Ramila Patel

This is my Aunt, Ramilaben,  my best friend’s mum.  She was in extreme pain in her legs and at one point it was very painful for her to walk.  Here’s what she did and within one week of doing this her pain disappeared.

She did this three times a week, for 15 minutes. It’s amazing, she is totally pain free and inspirational. When she see’s someone in pain, she tells them about this. She is happy to share her experience and how it can help. How did she discover this, she was on holiday in India and she travelled to an ashram. She saw people walking backwards and she asked them what they were doing.  They told her, it helps to alleviate leg pain. She decided she had nothing to loose except, to do it.

So you can see, healing can happen and you can be well. I found when I get quite.  The right people come along, the solutions become available and I get all the answers I need.

Thank you for tuning in.  Don’t forget to post a comment if you enjoyed reading this.

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