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Road to Wellness. Contribution

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There is no feeling compared to when we are able to give something back to someone and bring a smile to them.  When the universe has served us in so many ways, being grateful for this and then being able to help someone back is amazing.

Now you know about cutting unnecessary spending, saving and investing.  You may want to look at ways you can contribute financially towards a cause that you like.  I have always paid a monthly sum towards some of my favourite charities.

When we are able to earn more money, this may also mean you may have more time. You can use your time towards helping others.  When I finished studying Law, I volunteered at the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).  CAB is a network of 316 independent charities throughout the United Kingdom that give free, confidential information and advice to assist people with money, legal, consumer and other problems. When I had a shift in career and I was studying various holistic therapies, I volunteered at a local clinic, once a week, giving treatment to clients and helping them with various ailments. Both these charities allowed me to gain work experience and allowed me to give something back. It’s awesome to be able to do that.

Mony Suriany, is someone who has given back to her community.  Here is her story. In her prior life, Mony, who has MBA degree from Indiana University, was working for multinational companies in USA, Europe and Asia. After years of overworking and demanding career, she is a reformed Financial Analyst/Auditor turned yogini. The major breakthrough was a terrible accident that left her with a fractured right shoulder and a dislocated knee. Regardless of verdict by doctors to undergo surgery, she used her yoga practice as alternative healing for physical and emotional wounds. It was a painful and long process, but it was rewarding at the end.

Her mind, body and health improved after practising Bikram Yoga. She is on the mission of sharing her passion and helping  students to experience the life changes as the one she had. Hence she opened the first Yoga studio in Jakarta in 2004, Yoga@42 Bikram Yoga Jakarta. “I want to create community and place for teachers, practitioners and people who need a place to escape the realities of their days while getting healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually”. Over a period of 14 years, Mony has expanded her yoga offerings beyond where she began. Now Yoga@42 (Bikram Yoga Jakarta) and @ubudyogacentre not just a certified bikram yoga studio, but has expanded into a few other brands to include other styles of yoga, yoga merchandises and organic lifetystyle products, as well as opening up in different locations across Jakarta and Bali.

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How to Give Back?

There are many ways you can help others. The internet is a huge library of information. Find out what you love doing and who you would like to support.

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