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Beacon of Light, Neelam Patel

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Last year I met some amazing individuals who are Beacons of Light, they bring light where it is dark. Their compassion to serve humanity inspired me.

One such individual was Neelam Patel. Neelam is part of  The Red Box Project and this organisation helps in tackling period poverty. When she told me about the project, I thought young girls knew about how to use sanitary towels and had access to them, however Neelam informed that this is not the case. Here’s a video that shows how it has helped girls.

This project has filled over 2,000 boxes which is now freely accessible to young people in educational settings across the UK. Allowing access to adequate menstrual protection. 

I thought she could you inspire you. Here is what she had to say…

What inspired you to do what you’re doing?

“I saw an article in the Harrow Times about the Red Box project and how it was started by the Harrow coordinator” (Harrow Middlesex, UK). ‘I thought what a great idea and contacted head officers ask how to get involved”.

What has been the psychology behind what you do?

“I want to give something to the community and what better than to help girls not to miss school because of their periods.  Having two daughters of my own made me think – how they would feel if they couldn’t afford sanitary products?”

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

“Working full time is challenging and finding time to drop off donated products to the schools and collecting donations from our donation points.  I work from home so tried to do what I could in my lunch break or during quiet periods during the day.  Also my house was full of products so it took over our lives.  I managed to find a volunteer who was willing to take on some of the supplies for her to keep in her garage.”

What’s your vision?

My vision is fulfilled as the aim of the project was to get red boxes filled with sanitary items to all schools and colleges in Harrow. We achieved this by supplying all the institutions that needed a box.  The government has now pledged to provide funding to all primary and secondary schools for sanitary products from April 2020. I now need to find another charity to get involved in.

Thank you for tuning in.  Don’t forget to post a comment if you enjoyed reading this and feel free to share this with one person who may benefit from it.

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