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Joy Of Giving

Hi all

I have returned from my holiday in India. I visited Bombay and my husband’s village. What a humbling experience it has been.

I got to eat wonderful vegetarian food and experience amazing Indian hospitality from my family who live in India. I was also fortunate to visit an ashram that is 200 years old. The ashram is used to provide board and education for girls. There are about 144 girls that live there. In additon to being educated they are taught how to cook, wash their clothes and become independent. I had no idea that my family and I would receive such a huge welcome.

I was told Gandhi had also visited this ashram.

The girls’ families work in the fields and live in very basic conditions. Although I did not get to see where the families live, I saw how many workers live. Here are some photos that I took on my travels.

The ashram itself is in need of repair and relies on charitable funding, so far with the donations received, they have repaired the roofing and put down new flooring where the girls sleep.

They share one bathroom between them (see below).

They are looking for funding to put in 5 new toilets so the girls will have access to them at night. At the moment they have to walk 2/3 minutes to the toilets from where they sleep.

I donated clothes, bags and shoes for the girls. I feel truly humbled by this experience. I am even more grateful for what I have. A truly wonderful start to my year.

If you would like to get involved or donate click here.

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