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Beacon of Light… Varin Gill

Hi all

This year I have been blogging about amazing individuals who are Beacons of Light, they bring light where there is darkness. Their compassion to serve humanity inspires me.

One such person is Varin Gill, who I have known for 20 years. She decided to move from a career in financial management to a complete focus on self-alchemy.

Varin started her spiritual journey 20 years ago in LA learning Primordial Sound Meditation from Dr Deepak Chopra himself. She’s since learnt Egyptian energy healing, is a Hatha yoga RYT 200 teacher, intuitive tarot reader and a Drum & Vowel Sound healer. She was also initiated as Priestess of Hathor at the Great Pyramids, Cairo.

All her healing work is her own healing journey of self-love. Creating sexuality circles are part of her personal healing journey.

I interviewed her to find out more about sexuality circles and how they can help with wellness. Here is her interview, enjoy…

Click here to get to know more about and her mission to help .

Thank you for tuning in.  Don’t forget to post a comment if you enjoyed reading this and feel free to share this with one person who may benefit from it.

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