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Whether you work indoors or outdoors, remaining still for too long can lead to pain and injury. Stretching is a good way to improve your flexibility and muscle soreness.

Rolling Shoulders and Neck Moving and Moving Neck Side to Side

Relieves Shoulder and Neck Tension and Tightness and can alleviate pain and tension by encouraging the flow of nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to tight muscles in your neck.

Squeeze Fingers and Toes

Squeezig your toes elongates and relaxes the muscles, preventing painful spasms and contractions.

Rotating Wrists and Ankles

Rotating your wrists not only stretches tendons, it also helps restore range of motion in the joint.

Arm and Knee Pulls

Flexing Elbows and Knees not only stretches tendons, it also helps restore range of motion in the joint.

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