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What’s your morning Routine?

A morning routine gets you ready for your day. It will help you be more productive, as a result you will probably be able to accomplish more. Having a morning routine helps to set the stage for better prioritising, more effective time-management, and greater productivity.

A solid, consistent morning routine can offer us a time to practice intentional mindfulness and/or prayer, leading to feelings of greater peace as we go through our day. Feeling productive in our day can lead to a more peaceful evening and, in turn, a better night’s sleep and a refreshed morning the next day.

What can you do?

Wake Up Early

Start waking up earlier than your normal wake up time. Start with waking up 15 minutes earlier and increase the time as you feel comfortable to do so. You will create a morning that is peaceful as opposed to Chaos.

Move Your Body

When you start waking up earlier, you can use this time to move your body. As you have slept, your body has not moved. Waking up and moving your body will wake it up and it is a great start to the day. What can you do? Stretches in bed, Sun Salutation is wonderful, breathing exercises are great to get the oxygen moving in the body (I share 10/15 minute yoga session at my Facebook Group, Become the CEO of your destiny). Dancing is another thing you can do. You decide what works for you.

Create a To Do List

Creating a to do list will help you to mark off tasks that have been completed and remind you of things to be completed the next day. This will give you confidence rather than feeling overwhelmed.

Let go of feeling stress of not completing all the tasks. Feel confident of the tasks you have completed and remember you have another day to complete the tasks.

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