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Lets Talk Wellness….Kindness


We all need kindness. Research has shown that kindness has a positive effect, not just on those receiving kindness but also those who are performing acts of kindness. Kindness can help to reduce stress and anxiety and release feel-good chemicals in our brain to help us feel happier. Kindness also builds strong communities and helps us feel connected. It determines what kind of home-life we have, what kind of schools we have, what kind of communities we have, and ultimately what kind of world we live in!

Kindness starts with being kind to ourselves. We  have show kindness  to ourselves first, only then we can be kind to others. But how?

We often talk about ‘being kind to ourselves’; but when depression has us in its grasp, it can feel hard to like ourselves enough to carry out basic self-care, never mind to show ourselves kindness. It’s even harder to practice self-kindness when we can’t think where we could start or when it feels like an alien habit, so here are a few ideas to get us going.

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