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Some Inspiration For You

Here are some people I interviewed that can guide you and be your inspiration and give you ideas about how you  can inspire another.

Recovering from autoimmune disease and having her second life back 5 years ago with Lisa Samadikun

Indian fashion helping fund ashrams in India with  Bhumika Patel

Natural products and recycling at its best with Lisa Tanti

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Beacon of Light: Lisa Tanti

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Hi all

Last year I met some amazing individuals who are Beacons of Light, they bring light where it is dark. Their compassion to serve humanity inspired me.

Lisa Tanti

Lisa is a teacher and creative designer at Art Nouveau Studio. Lisa is a wonderful lady whose background is in fashion. She makes soaps from natural products and bags, bolsters from unused fabrics from tailors.  She also does Art Therapy to help children sometimes using  recyclable materials .

Having pursued her education in Environmental Design and Fashion Design, Lisa decided to open an art studio in hope to create a public awareness on the importance of arts in creating a well-balanced character. It is through teaching art that she hopes to introduce its many aspects and how it can help shape a child or an individual to become more creative and well balanced in a fun loving atmosphere.

Here is her interview, enjoy…

Click here to get to know more about Lisa and what she is all about.

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