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About Me….

Hi, my name is Lina Patel. 

I am a Wellness Ambassador, Inspiring Wellness with Yoga and Holistic Therapies. 

Here is a very brief summary of my life journey that has bought me to my Wellness path : A little bit about Me..

When I was 4 years old, I had a near death experience. I was severely sick and constantly in and out of the hospital. The doctors even operated and found nothing. They didn’t know what was going on with me. In fact all hope was lost. The doctors had told my parents that I was not going to survive the morning. But my mum had not lost hope, she prayed for my wellness to Sai Baba, her spiritual guide. That night, I remember seeing Sai Baba, he raised his hand and smiled at me. The next morning I kept saying to my mum “I am okay”, my body was covered in grey ash miraculously. The doctors could not believe their eyes. A miracle had occurred. I was more than okay. I had fully recovered. It wasn’t until my husband and I were trying for a baby and I couldn’t fall pregnant, that I found out I had been diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) at that time.

My Wellness Journey did not start until much later although my life events had started to take effect on me subconsciously… when I was ten years old, my parents sold their business and emigrated to America. My parents eventually bought a business which went bankrupt. They lost all their savings and we were financially Poor. I had gone to schools in various States. We eventually went back to the UK and my dad was then diagnosed with Cancer. He suffered on and off for two years, spending the last six months of his life in a hospice. All in All, I was traumatised by this experience.

Although I wasn’t aware of it didn’t know it, I was in a constant state of anxiety (continually anxious. This ultimately shaped me and led me on a journey of Wellness discovery. During my journey, I discovered a variety of strategies to create wellness for myself and others. My first student was my mother. She has really suffered during her life and has had three Heart Attacks, Fractured hip and hip replacement, Heart bypass surgery, TB, water in the lungs. She is now 85 years old living by herself and despite all these challenges she is still going strong. So why did my dad never recover from his cancer and pass away and on the contrary my mum is still going strong at 85? The simple reason is that Essentially I have been working with my mum intensely on a number of strategies and she has to her credit been applying these strategies which thankfully have benefitted her greatly.

I have travelled the World to retreats, workshops and seminars so I can be the best version of myself. Now I aspire to inspire clients to create their life on purpose, so they can live the life they love, creating the best version of themselves.

I recognise that every student or client I meet have unique needs based on unique lifestyles – and so I have made it my business to ensure my Classes, Workshops and Mentoring Program are uniquely tailored to the student/Client.⠀

Do you have any questions? Message me and let’s talk.❤️

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Emotions · Happiness · Health · Me, Myself and I

Are You Sleep Deprived?

Lack of sleep can lead to so many problems. Getting good quality sleep is the key.

I have created a two part video series called “Sleep Easy – Sleep Better, Feel Better, Look Better”. There are tips on how to create the perfect environment and discover One Simple Tool, that will help you fall asleep, waking up rested and energised. AND THEY ARE COMPLETELY FREE!

Click https://wellnessandwellbeing.org/free-wellness-videos/

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One Simple Tool to Create Great Sleep

Do you suffer from a lack of sleep?

Have you tried everything there is?

Without enough sleep, your brain and body systems cannot function normally. It can also dramatically lower your quality of life. This might involve difficulty falling asleep, excessive time awake at night or waking up earlier than hoped.

lack of sleep can limit the ability to: pay attention; react quickly; make reasoned decisions. It can also make you irritable resulting on conflict with others. Not only will you feel emotionally drained but you can feel fatigue and it can cause a person to be more prone to infections, which may take longer to resolve, Insufficient sleep can even affect hormone production, including the production of growth hormones and testosterone. It also causes the body to release additional stress hormones, such as  cortisol. The list can go on and on.  Imagine how life would be like to be able to get back to normal sleeping patterns

This is where I can Help you 

You see when my dad died, there were times when I couldn’t sleep. Instead of sleeping, I spent many hours crying. Although it provided some relief, it didn’t help me feel good in the long run. He was diagnosed with cancer and after two years he passed away. I was 18 when this happened. It was very traumatic to see him suffer and it did take a tremendous toll on me and my mum. I didn’t have any strategies to help me at that time. Fast forward to last year when I was stuck in England for eight months as a result of the covid pandemic and I wasn’t able to travel back home and it was really stressful at times. However, I had strategies that I used to help me. One of those strategies was to create a solution to help fall asleep with ease and minimal effort using my “sleep easy method”

I have created a two part video series called “Sleep Easy –Sleep Better, Feel Better and Look Better“.  There are tips on how to create the perfect environment and discover One Simple Tool, that will help you fall asleep, waking up rested and energised. AND THEY ARE COMPLETELY FREE!

If you would like to watch them, click the button below.

Here’s an interview I had with R&D Physio, talking about Mindfulness and how the Sleep Easy Series can Help You.