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High blood pressure (hypertension) means that your blood is pumping with more force than normal through your arteries. The added stress on the arteries can speed up the clogging of arteries with fatty plaques (atherosclerosis). Atherosclerosis contributes to many illnesses, such as heart attack and stroke. A one-hour yoga class that incorporates breathing, flexibility postures, meditation can help the arteries to become flexible. The more flexible your blood vessels, the less pressure required for blood flow and the lower your risk of hypertension.

I have shared taster yoga 👇


Yoga Nidra👇


Yoga is great for all round Wellness. It is a great way to build muscle tone and strength. By regularly doing yoga, you can build muscle, improve your flexibility, improve your posture, and help you maintain a healthy weight. 

Living yoga means integrating the principles of yoga into your thoughts, words and actions; it means taking yoga beyond your mat. That’s how I teach my classes. 

So if this is something you would like for yourself, Give it ago. You never know it may just change your life for the better!

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