About Me

About Me

Near Death To Wellness Ambassador

I’m Lina Patel, and my life’s chapters have been an intricate tapestry of challenges, miracles, and the unbreakable spirit of hope. At the tender age of four, my world hung in the balance as I battled a mysterious illness that baffled even the finest medical minds. Amidst the uncertainty, a beacon of faith emerged – my mother’s fervent prayers to Sai Baba. That fateful night, in the hushed corridors of despair, I glimpsed the divine himself. Sai Baba’s uplifted hand and reassuring smile heralded a turning point. With the dawn came my whispered declaration, “I am okay,” accompanied by an inexplicable ash-covered skin. The doctors stood awestruck; I had danced on the precipice of mortality and triumphed. 

Yet, the story didn’t pause there. As life marched on, it unfurled the pages of resilience and renewal in unexpected ways. A decade later, my family’s journey led us across oceans to America, where the strains of financial hardship cast a shadow. The pendulum swung from riches to rags, and I witnessed my parents’ unwavering strength in the face of adversity. Amid these trials, my father’s battle with Cancer cast a haunting spectator, culminating in his final months spent within the walls of a hospice. Grief and trauma intertwined, leaving an indelible imprint on my heart, and beneath the surface, anxiety brewed, imperceptibly shaping my path. 

It wasn’t until the whispers of adulthood that I unearthed the intricate web of wellness, weaving its threads into the tapestry of my life. Guided by the echoes of my mother’s resilience and emboldened by the memory of Sai Baba’s miraculous touch, I embarked on a quest to unravel the secrets of well-being. My journey embraced diverse strategies, igniting the sparks of transformation within me and those around me. In the shadow of my mother’s triumphant journey through heart attacks, surgeries, and the pangs of time, the enigma deepened – why did she flourish while my father succumbed? The answer lay in the symphony of strategies I uncovered. Empowered by my discoveries, my mother emerged as my first student. A testament to her resilience, she stands tall at 80, unyielding against life’s tempests.

Today, I stand before you as a Wellness Ambassador, a torchbearer of hope and a guide to crafting purposeful lives. Through every twist and triumph, I’ve discovered that true wellness isn’t just a destination, but a profound journey of healing, growth, and redefining the self. I invite you to join me, to peel back the layers of your own existence, and to flourish as the best version of yourself. As we navigate life’s labyrinth, remember: from the ashes of adversity, the phoenix of well-being rises. Let’s script your story of transformation together.

Lina Patel

In a world that often rushes by, leaving us breathless and yearning for tranquility, I’ve found my calling: to inspire you through the transformative powers of yoga and holistic therapies. Join me as we explore the path to vitality, mindfulness, and the radiance that comes from within.

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Happy Faces of Happy Students

These joyful expressions are a testament to the power of mentoring, yoga classes and more.

Inspiring restoring not only the body, but also the spirit. In the midst of their practice, my students find not just physical balance, but also a profound sense of peace that radiates from within.


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Are you a student eager to learn or a client in search of wellness guidance? Look no further. Join our community, where knowledge and holistic well-being converge. I offer a space for students to grow and clients to thrive, exploring the transformative world of yoga and holistic therapies. Together, we’ll embark on a journey to wellness and self-discovery. 

Ready to take the first step towards a holistic wellness journey together? Drop me an email at lina@wellnessandwellbeing.org, and let’s start this transformative partnership!