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Yesterday I was clever and I wanted to change the world, Today I am wise and I just want to change myself.” Rumi

So I did….

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

So I Became…….

“I became the best version of myself .” Lina Patel

Hello there, welcome to Wellness and Wellbeing.  The blog that shows you how to fall in Love with taking care of yourself. 

My name is Lina Patel, when I was 4 years old, I had a near death experience. I was severely sick and constantly in and out of the hospital. The doctors even operated and found nothing. They didn’t know what was going on with me. In fact all hope was lost. The doctors had told my parents that I was not going to survive the morning. But my mum had not lost hope, she prayed for my wellness to Sai Baba. That night, I remember seeing Sai Baba, he raised his hand and smiled. The next morning I kept saying to my mum “I am okay”, my body was covered in grey ash. The doctors could not believe their eyes. A miracle had occurred. I was more than okay. I had fully recovered. It wasn’t until my husband and I were trying for a baby and I couldn’t fall pregnant, that I found out I had Tuberculosis (TB).

My Wellness Journey did not start until… when I was ten years old, my parents sold their business and emigrated to America. My parents eventually bought a business which went bankrupt. They lost all their savings and we were financially Poor. I had gone to schools in various States. We eventually went back to the UK and my dad was then diagnosed with Cancer. He suffered on and off for two years, spending the last six months of his life in a hospice. All in All, I was traumatised by this experience. Although I didn’t know it, I was continually anxious. Which ultimately shaped me and led me a on journey of Wellness discovery. During my journey, I discovered strategies to create wellness for myself and others. My first student was my mother. She has had three heart attacks, Fractured hip and hip replacement, Heart bypass surgery, TB, water in the lungs. She is 80 years old and going strong. So why did my dad never recover and pass away and on the contrary my mum is still going strong at 80? Essentially I have been working with my mum on a number of strategies and she has been applying these strategies which thankfully have benefitted her greatly.

I am a Wellness Ambassador inspiring clients to create their life on purpose, so they can live the life they love, creating the best version of themselves.

I work with clients to work towards the best solution to incorporate into their lives by creating personal wellbeing packages.  I published an ebook called The Wellness Approach on Amazon.  I am a holistic therapist, personal trainer, a yoga and meditation teacher.  I offer a wide range of programs and services – from individual coaching to group workshops.

I hope by reading the blog leaves you a little better, healthier and happier. Thank you for stopping by.

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