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Have you ever felt like you never have enough money? Well, that was my story and belief for a very long time.  I felt like I was living from pay slip to pay slip. It was crazy.

I had huge issues about money, not having enough money was one of them. I was 40 years old and I didn’t have savings but I was earning. So I read books and attended various seminars on how to create financial wellbeing.

I  learned when it came to financial wellbeing, I had to start from the beginning. Looking at what money was coming in and out.  Some people call it budgeting.  I wanted it to be simple.

I took note of what money was coming in and what I was spending.

Then I decided what was essential (what I really need) and what I can do without.

When I started to look at what I was spending,  I asked the question ” WHAT CAN I CUT OUT WITHOUT LOSING OUT.” For example, I decided to cancel my gym membership and found workout videos on Youtube.  This way I was still working out but not MISSING OUT getting fit.  That on its own was £90 saving a month. I started looking at other ways, I stopped going to the hairdressers every eight weeks
for colouring my hair and I bought hair dye from the local shops and I learned how do it myself. I saved £50 every two months. DO YOU GET THE IDEA? David Bach, calls it the “Latte Factor.” The latte factor is a money-saving strategy, in which redirecting your money from small things (like daily lattes) to savings which can make you wealthier. I found by doing this process, I was earning the same but I was able to start saving and put money aside.

A JOURNEY STARTS WITH A SINGLE STEP.  You have to start somewhere.

So this is just the start and I will be writing more about strategies on how to create financial wellbeing for yourself.

Thank you for tuning in.  Don’t forget to post a comment if you enjoyed reading this and feel free to share this with one person who may benefit from it.

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