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Agree to Disagree

When we are in relationships, it good to know how to fight. Yes, that’s right, FIGHT. What does this mean? This means being respectful and listening to each other’s point of view. Then you can decide to Agree or Disagree and respect each other while doing this. Breathe and be present by listening to the other person.

Also, it’s always important to focus on the matter at the moment, not everything that person may have or not have done in the past, for example:

“You always do or You never do…!”. It is easier then to come to a solution that works for everyone.

Each person has a different way of coming to terms with or resolving things that they are dealing with. If we know what that is, we can understand and know how to resolve our disagreements without it resulting to a fight that can get out of hand. Some people may need to take themselves away from a situation and process what they are feeling, some may want to resolve the disagreement straight away.

Stop taking things personal. I know sometimes things get said and it is hard not to take things personal and it can be hurtful. It’s what that person is feeling and their reactions to what they are feeling and sometimes nothing to do with us. It may just be that we are in the firing line. It does take some practice to not take things personal.

Sometimes relationships are hard to maintain but if we all take responsibility, i.e. the ability to respond, it then becomes easier to navigate.

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