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Be a Beacon of Light

Many times people tell me about things that are happening to someone they know and they feel helpless, they don’t know what to do and they become increasingly worried, frustrated and tired. Or sometimes our buttons are pressed and we end up reacting in a negative way. When someone you care about hurts you, you… Continue reading Be a Beacon of Light

Beacon of Light · Contribution · Emotions · Happiness · Health · Holistic Living · Me, Myself and I · Road to Wellness

Beacon of Light: Chloe Dreadz

Hi all Last year I met some amazing individuals who are Beacons of Light, they bring light where it is dark. Their compassion to serve humanity inspired me. Chloe Dreadz was such an individual. At 22 she began the journey of curiously exploring ‘self’. When she discovered yoga, it was an immediate love affair. In 2017 she… Continue reading Beacon of Light: Chloe Dreadz