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Homemade Therapy: Eat Right!

Illustrated by Lina Patel Homemade therapy is a series of what you can do at home to create wellness and wellbeing. Our bodies do so much for us.  A way of thanking our body for all that it does is to eat healthy. Eating healthy should be simple, nutritious and delicious. Breakfast Breakfast is to… Continue reading Homemade Therapy: Eat Right!

Health · Holistic Living · Nutrition

Eat Right, Eat a Rainbow.

What does it mean to eat right, eat a rainbow? Consuming different colour foods plays a role in insuring you are getting enough essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and more. Therefore, It reminds us where we can get nutrients high in vitamins and minerals naturally from out food. It also means you are will be… Continue reading Eat Right, Eat a Rainbow.

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Goal Setting: New Year, New You!

Illustrated by Lina Patel How was last year for you?  Did you achieve all your goals? Did you set goals last year? Why set goals?  It’s a way of allowing yourself to create whatever you would like for yourself and allowing yourself to have it. You can prove to yourself that you truly are the creator… Continue reading Goal Setting: New Year, New You!