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Lets Talk Wellness….Happy Diwali, Reigniting the Light Within Us!

Today is Diwali or Deepawali

The term ‘Deepavali’ literally translates to a row of lights, with “deep” meaning light and “avali” meaning row, earning it the moniker, “the festival of lights”. The lighting of diyas signifies the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and wisdom over ignorance. This is linked to the ancient legend of Lord Rama, who was deprived of his kingdom and sent into exile for 14 years. Diwali celebrates Rama’s eventual defeat of the evil spirit Ravana, and his triumphant return to his home.

So how can we reignite that light within us? That’s what we will talk about today.

For those who joined the conversation, thanks for joining and for those who missed it, click onto the picture above and you will be able to view it.

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